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Vote for our proposed SXSW panel!

SXSW webtileWorking Narratives has proposed a session to SXSW Interactive on “The Science of Storytelling,” and we’d love it if you vote for it! Takes just 3 minutes, and anyone is eligible to vote by 11:59pm CST on Friday, September 6th. Please spread the word!

PROPOSED SXSW PANEL: This panel looks at the future of storytelling to mobilize people for social action. Storytelling has been a hot topic for years, and it’s well known that stories move people to act by engaging them socially. This session pushes the edge, looking at how various sectors are using scientific methods to assess exactly how people tell and respond to stories, so as to get them to buy more, to take action, or to avoid antisocial action — and what social change agents can learn from them. Neuroscientists, psychologists, and cognitive scientists are using fMRIs, big data, and other tools to study how certain types of characters, plots, and images in stories prompt (or fail to prompt) the desired behavior. From the public sector (Lt. Col. William Casebeer at DARPA), to the private sector (transmedia storytelling guru Jeff Gomez), to nonprofits (media researcher Debika Shome at the Harmony Institute), this panel goes beyond the art of storytelling and into the latest science.

SAMPLE FACEBOOK POST: Please join me in voting for a great SXSW Interactive festival, “The Science of Storytelling.” Takes 3 minutes to register, and anyone is eligible to vote.

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