Mission and Approach


We work with communities to tell great stories that inspire, activate and enliven our democracy.

We believe that communities thrive when they draw on participants’ personal experiences and local cultures. By telling stories—whether in the form of performance, radio, video, or other media—communities build power, envision new democratic possibilities, and change culture and policy. Our work is located at the intersection of arts, technology, and social change.

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Working Narratives provides:

  • training in how to tell and deploy stories,
  • technology to produce and disseminate those stories,
  • production of compelling stories to serve as model projects for the grassroots, and
  • networking to build power in and among social justice individuals and groups that use narrative forms.

Our home base is in Wilmington, North Carolina, and we also have staff in New York City. We work with grassroots groups, nonprofits, foundations, media-makers and journalists in the U.S. South and beyond. Write to us at info@workingnarratives.org if you want to talk.